What is the new name?

The BPC family is excited to announce that effective June 1, 2020, all of our offices will be united under the name One Bank of Tennessee.

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Has the ownership of the Bank changed?

The same family that has owned the Bank for six generations remains committed to serving our local communities for generations to come.

Why did the name change?

Since 1901, we have worked to build a business that will serve every financial need of the folks in our market. While we once had a different bank name in every county we served, we have chosen our new name to unify us as One Bank.

What does the change mean for me?

There will be no change to your customer experience. You will continue to be served by the same great bankers as you have in the past.

What impact will the name change have on my account(s)?

All accounts will continue to operate with the same benefits and features they have today. If you have a BPC Free checking account, it will now be known as One Free Checking.

Will I need to order new checks and deposit slips?

Customers may continue to use their current supply of checks, deposit slips, and all other transaction materials. The new name and branding will appear on new supplies when they are re-ordered.

Will there be a change to my direct deposits or direct debits coming in or out of my account(s)?

Both direct deposits and direct debits will continue to operate without interruption.

Will the Bank’s Routing Number change?

The Bank’s Routing Number will remain the same.

Will there be changes to my loan documents and other service agreements with the Bank?

All terms and conditions of loan documents and service agreements will remain unchanged and do not need to be modified to the new name.

When I write a check for my loan payment, do I need to change the name of the payee to One Bank of Tennessee?

It is preferred, but not necessary.

Will I be issued a new ATM, Debit?

With our new name, comes new ATM and Debit Cards. Your existing card(s) will continue to operate without disruption until you receive a new card. We will begin issuing new cards in June and anticipate all replacement cards will be mailed by the end of 2020.

Will my ATM, and Debit number change?

Reissued cards will have a different card number. This will require you to update your payment information with any companies who currently have your card number on file. If you need assistance updating your payment information with these companies (such as bill payments, streaming services, and online purchases), you may contact your local branch.

Will I receive a new PIN for my ATM or Debit Card?

For your convenience, your PIN will remain the same.

Will telephone numbers change?

All telephone numbers will remain the same. As always, you may contact us at 1-931-528-5441, or toll free at 1-800-368-2498.

Will the website address change?

The new website address will be www.OneBankTN.com. Visitors to the current Bank of Putnam County or Citizens First Bank websites will automatically be re-directed to the new website.

Will I need to re-register for Online Banking?

Your Online Banking account will continue to operate without change.

Will I need to re-register for Bill Pay services?

Your Bill Pay access will continue to operate without change.

Will I need to re-register for Mobile Deposit?

Mobile Deposit will continue to function without change.

Will there be any changes to how I endorse my checks for Mobile Deposit?

Since we have re-branded to One Bank of Tennessee, the endorsement on the back of the check will change to “For Mobile Deposit at One Bank TN”.

Can I continue receiving and sending payments electronically, including Wire Transfers and ACH?

Electronic payments will continue to operate without change.

Will I need to download a new app for mobile banking?

The app will continue to function without interruption. The new logo and name will be updated automatically after the app has been updated in the App Store or Google Play.

What exciting changes can I expect to see?

We have been operating under 6 different bank names in 9 different counties. Now that we have re-branded to One Bank of Tennessee, you will recognize our name and logo across 20 offices in 9 counties. Additionally, we plan to open our Kingston office in the Spring of 2021.